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From the Publisher’s Desk
Aasalamu Alaikum
The halal concept in America is no longer in its
infancy; it has become a toddler and the word
“Halal” is mentioned in the main streammedia
almost daily. Halal certified meals are now
available in schools, colleges, the military, cor-
rectional institutions, four star hotels, and even
some “Meals on Wheels” for seniors.
McDonald’s tried offering halal meals in the US, but the
casual, partial offering fell flat like a toddler and was
eventually discontinued. Another halal supplier could
not keep its promise of “hand-slaughtered” meat due
to lack of supply chain, and regrouped under new man-
agement to offer machine-slaughtered halal poultry
products. There are many other success stories. We
believe this halal toddler is now walking and may even
become a part of the green/organic movement.
In the eighties, Minaret brand did not survive but re-
emerged as a brand backed by Vienna Beef, one of the
best hot dog companies in the business. The examples
go on and the landscape of halal in the US is changing
fast. Major corporations now offer halal certified prod-
ucts to halal consumers throughout North America.
The Saffron Road™ brand debuted with frozen halal
entrees made from humane treated cattle and birds
that are hand slaughtered to meet the high standards
of traditional halal products.
Abbott Nutrition offers halal certified nutritional
Nutrilite, the world’s largest nutritional supplier, offers
halal certified products that are made from ingredients
grown on its organic farms.
Chocolate lovers can indulge in halal certified Godiva
products throughout the country. We have taken the
alcoholic element out by reformulating many chocolates.
For high quality organic dairy products you need to look
no further than Organic Valley
. They offer a myriad of
halal certified products.
Toms of Maine
is a personal care product company
providing halal certified organic toothpaste, mouthwash
and other personal care items.
Please look at the list of products in this issue and
support these companies by patronizing them. Call the
companies and say thank you for listening to us, halal
Muhammad Munir Chaudry
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Fall 2013
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