Halal Consumer - Issue 27 - page 20

by Asma Jarad
The winter season is no doubt a time for enjoying the indoors with family
and friends, or maybe even catching up on your reading list in the warmth
of your home. For many people, the winter season also includes indulging
in seasonal favorites like roasted chestnuts, cooked lamb, stuffed zucchini,
warm apple pie, hearty pumpkin soup, and other traditional comfort foods.
Unfortunately, by the time spring arrives, those inviting tastes we enjoyed
for weeks have likely settled as pounds on our hips. This is one reason why
being physically active is a year-round necessity. Sure, it is easier to get mov-
ing when the weather is more appealing, but cold winds and shivering bodies
should not keep you from gearing up for some physical activity, whether it is
at an indoor gym or right outside your door. Even a daily twenty-minute win-
ter stroll can have a positive, lasting effect on your mind, body, and soul.
When the temperatures outside drop, so does circulation in some parts of your
body. This causes you to feel cold. Benefits of staying active include stimu-
lation of mood-boosting endorphins, achieving and maintaining a healthy
weight, increasing blood circulation, staying focused, warding off stress, and,
of course, warming up.
Another important result of physical activity is the ability to perform reli-
gious work. Bodily health and activity filters from the physical well-being
to the religious well-being in terms of having the energy and positive state
of mind to support oneself and the community. In Islam, the second pillar,
salat, or prayer, requires physical activity. Therefore, without leaving the
comfort of your home, you are performing exercise at the same time you are
This Winter
Keep Moving
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