Halal Consumer - Issue 27 - page 22

hadith, the Prophet (PBUH) said, “Any action without the
remembrance of God is either a diversion or heedlessness except
four acts: walking from target to target (during archery prac-
tice), training a horse, playing with one’s family, and learning to
swim.” From this, we know that Islam is not a one-dimensional
religion that focuses on religious work without including the
mind and body. There is plenty of evidence that our revered
Prophets (Peace Be Upon Them) were not only known for their
wisdom and intelligence, but also for their physical strength.
Prophet Nuh (PBUH), for example, singlehandedly built the
Ark without the assistance of any modern machinery. Prophet
Ibrahim (PBUH) and his son, Prophet Ismail (PBUH), built the
beloved Kaba, brick by brick, with their own hands.
For Murad Khalid, from Bensenville, Illinois, staying active is
essential, even in the winter. Khalid strives for both indoor and
outdoor activity. “For me, a combination of gym and outside
exercise is the best. Being outside makes me feel energetic and
fresh. Plus, I get to enjoy the nature God created. When you
are out, you never know who you will meet at the local park,
maybe you get asked to play some basketball, which doubles
the fun and the calories burned.”
There are added benefits of being active outdoors in the win-
ter. To start, it releases some stress of feeling trapped indoors
and contributes to an overall healthy well-being. The cold air
communicates to your body to step up to the demand by mov-
ing and warming up. Outdoor activity also lowers the risk of
being overweight. The fresh air and wide open spaces natu-
rally inspire more activity, especially when contrasted with the
motionless couches and distracting devices of the indoors.
Remember, fitness and healthy living is a lifestyle; enjoy what
your area has to offer during the season. Whether it is a special
rate at the local gym or simply the great outdoors, try to take
advantage of the time and your health. The winter offers plenty
of enjoyable seasonal activities, so do not let the short days and
cold weather ice over your healthy outlook. Be a health-conscious
person who blends diet, nutrition, and exercise with the remem-
brance of God and an intention to fulfill religious obligations.
May God guide us and accept our good intentions.
• Skiing/snowboarding/ice skating
• Walking to the mosque or library
• Building a snowman
• Visiting your local gym
• Checking out some exercise DVDs from the library
• Winter cleaning
• Playing indoor basketball/soccer
Bundle up and
stay active by:
Winter 2013
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