Halal Consumer - Issue 27 - page 28

The cold of winter, the howl of the
icy winds, and the short gloomy days
create the perfect setting for warm
blankets, thick logs crackling in the
fireplace, scented candles flickering in
the background, and a cup of warm tea
accompanied by relaxing comfort food.
The thought of winter brings back many
cozy memories only to be brought to life
with our favorite comfort foods. Foods
like warm cookies, oozing grilled cheese
sandwiches, steamy pasta dishes, and
bread straight out of the oven paired
with a hearty soup help us relax after
a stressful day and spread warmth to
every cold limb in our body.
It’s not just the cookie or pasta that brings us satisfaction; the
memories connected to those foods play a major role. They
remind us of Mama’s cooking, Grandma’s baking, relaxing
evenings with friends, family dinners, and many other happy
memories. Enjoying these meals brightens our days and shar-
ing them with friends and family brings joy and satisfaction.
Notice a similarity between those very different foods? If
you said high in fat and sugar, you are right, as this tends
to define comfort food. But consuming these delights on a
By Sarene Alsharif, MPH
EatingWell ThisWinter
Winter 2013
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