Halal Consumer - Issue 27 - page 44

By Husna T. Ghani
Okay, now where was I…oh yes, cold weather. When you get
into the car in the morning and keep pressing all the buttons as
if you are operating NASA, remember that the car will not magi-
cally turn into a sauna. STOP doing that. However, if it does,
please contact me because I will buy it from you, along with
your magic beans.
Speaking of winter and snow, when people say that two
snowflakes are not the same, I want to see the scientific data
collected regarding every single snowflake that has fallen on
earth since the creation of snow...don’t you? Next time someone
says that, you should say, “I’m sorry, I disagree. In 1994, I found
two snowflakes with the same symmetry, size, and lattice struc-
ture.” Can you back up your data? Don’t worry, neither can they.
I do notice that, in the winter, we tend to contemplate and pon-
der more. Some of these cerebral musings include confirmation
of cold. “I'm cold. Aren’t you cold?” If the other person says no,
does that make you less cold? People wonder how a person can
eat ice cream in the winter. Well, how can you drink coffee in
the summer? Then we question why winter came early this year.
No, it pretty much came around the same time as last year and
every year of recorded history before that. Of course, the most
pressing question we ask is, “When does Ramadan come in the
winter again?” In about two decades; sit tight!
Now where was I? Seriously, I could never be a GPS. Oh yes,
winter tips. Because we live on deciduous turf, we need to
Winter 2013
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