Halal Consumer - Issue 27 - page 6

By Aysha Hussain
O Remixed:
Staying Hydrated
During the Winter
Americans now consume an average of 58 gal-
lons of water a year compared to 44 gallons
of soda, according Beverage Digest. This
is thanks in part to the efforts of health
heavyweights like First Lady Michelle
Obama, who has been encourag-
ing people across the country to
“drink more water,” and politi-
cians like former New York City
mayor Michael Bloomberg, who
quickly became the face of the
controversial soda ban debate.
While water is steadily mak-
ing its comeback, some
people might still find the
widely recommended con-
sumption of eight to ten
glasses per day somewhat
daunting, if not unrealistic.
Winter 2013
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