Halal Consumer - Issue 29 - page 10

parties are not a free pass
to overeating. Have a balanced iftar
followed by a healthy snack and lots
of water until suhoor. Overeating may
cause indigestion and bloating that
may lead you to skip suhoor, which is
not a good idea.
Q: Quiz
your kids in a fun way by
buying “healthy plates” or place
mats (found online) that are marked
with food groups and portion sizes
that match the USDA’s MyPlate
guidelines so they can visualize
how much of each food group they
should be eating at suhoor and
every meal. Visit
plate.gov for free printables.
U: Understand
how important staying hydrated
is. If you’re not much of a water-drinker, make a
chicken broth. Masood cooks chicken pieces in a
pot of water with onions, carrots, tomatoes, bul-
gur, salt, and pepper. Slurping up this broth soup
helps her compensate for water.
K: Keep
a tall water bottle
with you at taraweeh (nightly
Ramadan prayers) and a
mess-free healthy snack,
like an IFANCA halal-certified
ZonePerfect nutrition bar, if
you plan to stay at the masjid
until suhoor.
O: Oatmeal
and other
complex carbohydrates,
such as fruit, are simple
to prepare and nutri-
tious. Since they release
energy over a longer
span of time, they keep
you feeling fuller without
excessive thirst.
J: Junk
food may be calling out your
name, but a bag of chips or a candy bar will
not get you through the day. Nida Siddiqui
of Elgin, Illinois, has a son, Sarim, 9, who
will fast for the first time this year. She is
lucky that he doesn’t like junk food. He has
asked his mom to make his favorite okra
and chapattis (traditional Indian/Pakistani
flat whole wheat bread) for suhoor. He can
eat it every single day.
P: Protein
keeps you full
much longer than carbs like
white bread or sugar-laden
pastries and muffins. Keep
grilled chicken, fish, or beef
ready in advance so a quick
sandwich, taco, or salad is
just minutes away. If you are
not a meat eater, a healthy
bean burrito will do the trick.
V: Variety
in suhoor is good for
maintaining interest level (espe-
cially for the younger ones), but
meal planning and preparation
should not take over your life.
Make a calendar of five different
suhoors and rotate them every
week. Let the kids have what they
want on the weekend (within rea-
son, of course).
Summer 2014
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