Halal Consumer - Issue 29 - page 11

W: Water
cannot be stressed
enough; dehydration can be
a serious issue. Count if you
must, but make sure you are
drinking half your body weight
in ounces of water every day.
If you feel there aren’t enough
post-iftar hours to have that
much H
O, include water-rich
foods, like watermelons and
cucumbers, in your meals.
Also, as mentioned above,
keep broth soups in mind.
M: Milk
in any form is not only a sun-
nah but a great source of calcium and
protein. Add some good quality hot
chocolate or a heart-healthy cereal
and gulp that deliciousness down.
S: Smoothies
are a great way
to get kids to guzzle up some
goodness. Siddiqi recommends
strawberries in fat-free yogurt or
her all time favorite lassi (yogurt
drink). (Check out the recipe for
mango lassi on page 12.)
Y: Yogurt
parfaits are a nourishing way to
beat the summer heat and include dairy in
your meals. Khimani adds granola and cran-
berries to her yogurt for that extra crunch. She
loves Greek yogurt since it is higher in protein
and more filling.
N: Nut
butters are
quick and healthy,
even kids can help
themselves. Provide
them with whole-grain
flatbread and let
them mix and match
almond and peanut
butter with banana
R: Raisins
and cranberries
are Massachusetts nutritionist,
Muzna Khimani’s, favorite way
to add some color and crunch
to her oatmeal or parfait. You
could also try walnuts or pecans
as a fabulous finishing touch to
your oatmeal or salad, or just
as a nutritious snack when tak-
ing breaks from reading Quran
before suhoor.
L: Leftovers
from iftar make a great
suhoor if you dress them up differently.
A roasted chicken from iftar can quickly
be shredded and kept in the refrigera-
tor for a quick sandwich at suhoor.
Fruits can be blended with milk and
ice for a refreshing smoothie. Sneak
in some veggies for a nutrition boost
while you’re at it.
T: Trial
runs are great for those who are
going to be fasting for the first time or
after several years (due to illness, preg-
nancy, etc.). Khimani recommends fasting
a few half days and then a few full ones in
the months preceding Ramadan. Keep this
in mind for next year!
Z: Zip
into Ramadan by prepping early
with these handy tips and, before you
know it, you’ll be zooming out of this
blessed month feeling lighter, healthier,
and recharged for the rest of the year.
Kiran Ansari
is a writer who lives
in the suburbs of Chicago with her
husband and two children.
X: Xtra
worship is what Ramadan is
about — not Xtra eating. While plan-
ning out nutritious meals for your
family is important, you should focus
on eating healthily to fast, not fasting
to overeat. The Prophet Muhammad
(PBUH) is reported to have said that a
strong believer is better than a weak
believer. Therefore we should eat right
to have enough strength to fulfill all
the rituals during Ramadan, including
longer prayers, extra Quran reading,
and increased charity to help those
near and far.
Summer 2014
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