Halal Consumer - Issue 31 - page 30

Caring for the Skin
God Gave Us
By Suzann Audi
I rushed to a sink to clean the balm from my lips. The
balm that had faithfully kept my lips free from cracking in
harsh Chicago winters. I glanced at the suds on my hands.
My head began to whirl, trying to grasp the task at hand. I
started making mental notes: lip balm, hand soap, deodor-
ant, and lotion. My list of skincare products to check for
halal status was quickly growing. I had known about halal
as applied to food, dress, and personal character. But my
lip balm, God cares about that also?
Blessings come from striving to obey our Creator, as
I was reminded after that first experience. When we
accept to abstain from pork and alcohol but resist to give
up our favorite lip balm even though it contains
[forbidden] ingredients, what message are we sending to
God? Will we consent only when convenient?
“And [yet],
among the people are those who take other than God as
equals [to Him]. They love them as they [should] love God”
(Quran 2: 165). This verse applies not only to praying to
or following a deity other than God, but to holding any-
thing as more important than God’s will.
Why are some skincare products
? I asked
IFANCA Food Scientist Dr. Rafi Shaik, what are some
ingredients Muslims need to be aware of that may be
. The answer was both logical and shocking.
Glycerin and alcohol by-products were two understand-
able ingredients of which to be mindful. Glycerin keeps
our skin soft, smooth, and lubricated. Vegetable glyc-
erin is halal, but beware of animal-derived glycerin.
And on to the shocking: I was stunned to learn from Dr.
Shaik that human-derived stem cells are found in some
skincare products, specifically, certain anti-aging products.
Selecting halal-certified skincare products can be effort-
less. Amara Cosmetics offers a complete line of IFANCA
halal-certified cosmetics including liquid and powder
Winter 2014
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